Some Tips on Getting Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

By | September 29, 2020

Are you planning on installing new bathroom ceiling light fixtures? If the answer to that question is a firm yes, then you should know about some things regarding this specific feature. Admittedly, whether you like it or not, bathroom is perhaps the one space in your house that receives the least attention, which is sad, to be honest. Bathroom plays a big role in your day to day lives; you get to the bathroom the first thing in the morning and it’s the last space you pay a visit to before hitting the hay. Most people only look for functionality in a bathroom. You may want a fancy-looking bathroom complete with all things gimmicky and whatnot but eventually settle down with a bathroom that does the job pretty straightforwardly. This is disappointing, actually, because you can really make it work with a little effort such as installing some gorgeous lighting fixtures up above the ceiling. See, you don’t have to turn your bathroom into a luxury spa retreat with a Jacuzzi or a massage area. With just something as little as lighting fixtures, you can light up your bathroom and turn it into the one space you don’t want to get out of.

Selecting the right bathroom ceiling light fixtures should not be unnecessarily complicated despite the fact that you really need to be meticulous in how you get the one that works the best way for you. The right lighting fixtures should be able to imbue the bathroom with the kind of ambiance and nuance that you are aiming at while at the same time being able to maintain their primary function. So the first step in getting the right lighting fixture for your bathroom is to find out what type of lighting that works for you and your bathroom. Start with vanity light. A horizontal variety of this fixture is installed directly above a mirror and comes with 2 to 6 bulbs. A bath bar is installed also around the mirror but instead of above it, the bar goes on each side of the mirror. A bath sconce, on the other hand, is installed directly onto the wall on each side of the mirror. Choose one of any of these three types as your accent lighting fixtures. Be mindful of how you install it, upwards or downwards. Different styles of installation result in different effects on the contrast in the end.

The next step in getting the right bathroom ceiling light fixtures is to think about the size of them. The fixture you choose should be big enough in proportion with the size of your bathroom so it emits just enough amount of light to illuminate the entire room. Too big a fixture installed in a small bathroom would result in oversaturation of brightness, which would hurt the eyes. Too small a fixture in a big bathroom, on the flipside, is bad as it will strain your vision in the process. Otherwise, you can experiment with the amount of bulbs installed to tweak the intensity of brightness.

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